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Our program curricula are constantly updated to meet the changing technology in today’s working world. Both our instructional and administrative staff care about you and your future. We are here to help you succeed. We not only help you monitor your progress, our school directors regularly meet with each of you individually to discuss your status and evaluate your training. Our goal is to help you meet yours!
The course of study you have chosen will require dedication and hard work in order to successfully enter the working world. Although it will require time and effort, your future will be brighter and you will have more opportunities to succeed.



Certified Nurse Assistant

 The nursing assistant program consists of instruction on anatomy and physiology, the fundamentals of patient care, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and attention to social, medical and activity needs. Students will learn basic hands-on bedside nursing care appropriate to acute hospitals and extended care facilities. Students must demonstrate safe, competent skills, and pass examinations with an overall score of 70%. The clinical practicum is an integral part of the course. Students must complete 100 hours in a long-term care facility performing direct patient care for successful completion of the course.

Introduction / Patient Rights / Communications Interpersonal Skills/ Observation and Charting. Discuss requirements, roles and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. Discuss patients rights, Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills. Describe emergencies and safety rules and procedures.

Medical and Surgical Asepsis / Heights and Measures. Demonstrate medical/surgical asepsis and universal precautions. Demonstrate use of the metric system. Demonstrate capability to perform various patient care skills, Demonstrate capability to perform to perform various patient care procedures. Demonstrate methods of measurement for vital signs. Discuss proper nutrition and feeding techniques.

Long Term Care Resident / Rehabilitative Nursing. Death and Dying. Discuss various emergency procedures and temporary interventions for emergencies. Discuss the role of the certified nurse assistant in long term patient care. Discuss rehabilitative nursing. Demonstrate observation of patients and charting responsibilities. Discuss stages of grief, death and dying.





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